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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lazy Days

Sadly, I couldn't go to camp on Friday cause my aide, Karlita had pink eye. :( I spent most of the day lounging on the porch rocker looking at magazines. In the afternoon my friends, Brandon & Dustin came over, they were quite silly & I laughed a lot. Dustin likes to make up silly rhymes & I thought they were hilarious! I giggled until I almost fell over.
Today, I've been hanging out at home again. We are planning to have a hot dog roast for supper. Yummy! Can't wait. I'm hoping we roast marshmallows too. I love marshmallows & so does my RTS friend, Claudia. When she was at my house last year we snuck a bag of marshmallows from the pantry-it was so funny. :) Well, my siblings are swimming in our small pool so I'm gonna go watch them & probably get splashed too. Should feel good in this heat.

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