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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sad Goodbye....

to my wonderful TSS & friend, Alysa. You will be missed!! I wish you the best as you go back to school. You'll make a great Speech Therapist!!

Kristen (my BSC) joined us for the day too! SO exciting!

We had a fun last day together. We went to Strasburg Railroad & then went

to Red Robin for lunch. I LOVE Red Robin-can you guess why?

UNLIMITED FRIES!!! :) We had THE best waiter. He came to take our drink order & I told him "fries" & he brought me a basket of fries before we even ordered our food. I was THRILLED!

Alysa & Me

Summer's End

Well camp is now history & this is the last week of summer vacation. I am ready to go back to school. I miss my teachers & friends. On Monday I had speech therapy in the morning & then we went to my cousins' house for the day. We had lots of fun playing outside & I enjoyed looking at books inside too. We had grilled hot dogs for lunch-YUM!! And the cranberry jello salad was good too!
My brother went back to school yesterday & I was kinda grumpy that I couldn't go too. :( My teacher is having an open house tomorrow & we're going. I can't wait!! My friend & aide, Karlita is going along too so she can see where I go to school. Then we're going out for lunch. Yippee!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Fun Times at the Bay

I loved spinning in the breeze.

My cousins & siblings & me.

I had lots of fun with my siblings & cousins at the bay in Maryland the last week of July. We stayed for 3 days. I loved lounging in the water. Although, my forgetful mom left my swimsuit at home. :( So I had to wear my pj's in the water. It's good I had an extra one along.

Larissa (5), Me (12), Preston (7) & Serenity(2 1/2)

Last week & this week I am at Camp Anchor again. This is my last week. :( I'm gonna miss everyone but I'm excited about school starting soon. :)